Furry Pants Productions presents Darby the Dalmatian.
Entertaining educational interactive multimedia CD-ROM children's software for kids ages 3 to 8.

Darby Darby

Hold on to the leash as
Darby the Dalmatian leads you
through an enchanting world of
whimsical interactive animations,
lively original music,
fun educational activities,
and fascinating facts!!

Darby with bubbles

Darby the Dalmatian Darby''s Dream Adventure

(An interactive "tail")

("Spot" Darby in exotic locations!)

About Darby the Dalmatian

About Darby''s Dream Adventure

Darby the Dalmatian Scene

Darby's Dream Adventure Scene

Darby the Dalmatian Game

Darby's Dream Adventure Game

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About Darby The Dalmatian | Darby The Dalmatian Game | Darby The Dalmatian Scene

About Darby's Dream Adventure | Darby's Dream Adventure Game | Darby's Dream Adventure Scene

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