About Darby's Dream Adventure
Darby's Dream Adventure Cover

"Darby the Dalmatian" is back in another exciting adventure! Join Darby as he dreams of traveling to five enchanting locations. In each colorful scene:

- Experience surprise animations
- Listen to original music
- Learn facts about animals, ecology and dogs
- Choose to play one of the three related activites
There are a total of 15 activities with 3 levels of comprehension covering the topics of: arithmetic, language arts, strategy, creativity and shape recognition.

Children never tire of the activities since they are randomized to make each game different every time it is played.

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 3.1 or Windows '95, Super VGA, Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
386 or better and 8 MB RAM.
System 7.0, 13 inch color monitor, and 8 MB RAM


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