About Darby the Dalmatian

Darby The Dalmatian Cover

Darby the Dalmatian is a five level CD-ROM:

THE FIRST LEVEL - "A Howling Good Time!" Young children can have the story read to them. They can sit back, listen to the story and enjoy the surprise animations and entertaining music.

THE SECOND LEVEL - "An Interative Tail" An animated 15 page interactive storybook for children to read. "Spot" over 200 surprise animations. Interruptible animations make this a truly interactive story.

THE THIRD LEVEL - "Sniff Out Words" A word box on each page challenges children by displaying hidden words as children discover them. Over 200 words to strengthen spelling and pronunciation skills.

THE FOURTH LEVEL - "Tail Wagging Fun" 15 different activities that are fun and educational. Strengthen skills in: grammar, mathematics, problem solving, creativity, memory/recall, observation, music, and more.

"Romp" through the games again and again because all of the games are different each time they are played.

THE FIFTH LEVEL - "Furry Facts" An encyclopedia providing 75 facts on five topics: the environment, animals, dog care, cat care, dalmatians.

"Scamper" through the story and facts which are full of information so children can learn while having fun.

Minimum system requirements:

Windows 3.1 or Windows '95, Super VGA, Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
386 or better and 8 MB RAM.
System 7.0, 13 inch color monitor, and 8 MB RAM


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