About Darby's Dream Adventure

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Creators of edutainment CD-ROM's
for children ages 3 to 8.

Furry Pants Productions creates interactive multimedia software that provides children, (at varying stages of comprehension), with educational lessons and information about animals and the environment in an entertaining and challenging way.

We are committed to the following qualities in our software:
  • Non-violence
  • Entertaining to capture a child's attention
  • Cover a wide range of educational skills
  • Re-playability. Games are different every time they are played
  • Ease of use - intuitive enough for children to operate by themselves
  • Applicability to different levels of comprehension
  • A reasonable price

Furry Pants Productions' CD-ROMs, Darby the Dalmatian and Darby's Dream Adventure, are a hit with children because they are so much fun. And parents appreciate their educational value. The fashionable subject matter, a dalmatian, is especially popular with children.


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