Welcome to Furry Pants Productions

An educational multimedia software development company.


Captivate Demo
An eLearning course on Actionscript 3
(the programming language of Flash), created in
Adobe Captivate
Captivate & Camtasia Demo

An eLearning course on the Flash Debugger,
created with Adobe Captivate and Camtasia

Flash Demos
Demonstrations of small programs written in Flash
Client Work

Links to work we have done for clients.


A free on-line book explaining object oriented programming in the Lingo language.

Two kids "edutainment" CD-ROM's created completely by Furry Pants Productions.

A challenging game of solitaire (implemented with a fully objected oriented approach).

The name Furry Pants Productions comes from our early work on kid's CD-ROM's

The name refers to the fact that, no matter what the weather is, dogs and cats always have to wear "furry pants".