Lingo Object Oriented Programming Environment


by Irv Kalb

Irv Kalb, 2000 - 2004


This E-Book is free. However, if you feel that you have learned anything of value from my writing, please consider making a donation (of any size). Contributions will help me know that my efforts are helpful and appreciated, and will help me decide whether or not to continue writing more chapters. Irv


Table of Contents

  Section 1 Parent scripts and Objects  
    Chapter 1 Definitions
    Chapter 2 Naming conventions
    Chapter 3 Simple object
    Chapter 4 What's so great about objects?
    Chapter 5 More examples of objects
    Chapter 6 Implementation of objects - under the hood
    Chapter 7 Sound Manager - an object manager object
  Section 2 Behaviors  
    Chapter 8 Introduction to behaviors
    Chapter 9 Building a Button behavior
    Chapter 10 GetPropertyDescriptionList
    Chapter 11 Intersprite communication
  Section 3 Behaviors and objects together  
    Chapter 12 Multiple Movies
    Chapter 13 Behaviors working with Objects - Navigation
    Chapter 14 Building a Service Object
    Chapter 15 Building a Simple Game
    Chapter 16


    Chapter 17 Ancestors
    Chapter 18 Building a simple test
  Section 4



    Chapter 19 Cross Platform Path Manager
    Chapter 20 Using an object to talk to an XTRA - Database
    Chapter 21 Data Cast Members
    Chapter 22 Hybrid Behavior/objects
    Appendix 1 Tips and Tricks

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