We have done work for many clients, including:

  Thinking Strings, NJ

As the sole developer, built a reusable framework for highly interactive college level e-learning courses.  Worked with subject matter experts to design and develop tools that allow authors to easily input content, and quickly generate a course.  By design, all courses include student progress tracking and reporting to professors via a custom Learning Management System.  Courses developed with this system are currently in use at universities throughout the US.  The framework has proven flexible enough to allow for the creation of semester-length, college level e-learning courses on a wide variety of subjects.

Pure Digital Technologies, CA  (Purchased by Cisco)

Managed the development of, and contributed code to, the “viewer” application for the Flip Video digital camcorder. Managed a local development team and maintained relationships with partners in Canada, Spain, and Singapore. Led technical discussions with video sharing sites including YouTube and AOL Uncut Video.  Resulting viewer application made it simple to review, save/delete, edit, and upload videos.

Animated Speech Corporation, CA  (Now part of TechTown)

Managed a software development team and acted as project manager for development of instructional titles: “Timo Vocabulary” and “Timo Stories”, designed for children with speech, hearing, and learning disabilities. The software utilized a unique 3D animated tutor. Also built a “Lesson Creator” so teachers could author their own lessons.  Programs were praised for their effectiveness with autistic children.


  Visual Book Productions (FL)

Designed and programmed the underlying architecture, and served as the project manager of the "iLumina" interactive version of the Bible.  Software was developed as a base set of modules that allowed for ease of expansion and integration.  Program was distinguished by its groundbreaking use of multimedia.


Additional educational software development for:

  LeapFrog  - prototypes of potential new products

  Broderbund Software - Carmen San Diego games, and smaller on line games

  The Learning Company - Arthur's Reading and other CD-ROM software

  Scientific Learning Corp. - demos of their learning products

  Computer Curriculum Corp. (now part of Pearson) - CD-ROM's to train teachers how to use the CCC system in class

  Harvard University - series of management courses on CD-ROM

  The Tech Museum of Innovation - Upgrade of "Digital Room" installation